Superior performance characteristics achieved through application of the most advanced technologies, especially laser deposition of an auxiliary electrode at the tip of the insulator.

Advantages of the BRISK Premium EVO spark plugs.

  • Perfect ignition of the fuel mixture in the engine cylinders in all operating modes
  • Unrestricted flame front propagation throughout the combustion chamber
  • Continuous spark gap over the entire 2x360° circumference
  • Reduction of harmful emissions
  • Resistance to increased voltage requirements after long-term operation
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Better cold and hot starts
A long surface spark between the centre electrode and the auxiliary electrode comprising the conductive ring on the surface of the insulator tip supplemented by a discharge between the auxiliary electrode and a number of grounding electrodes firmly connected with the housing of the spark plug, safely ignites the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber. None of the discharges has a predefined path and may thus jump in an angle of 2x 360°.
The auxiliary electrode at the tip of the insulator is applied by laser and forms a single unit through the diffusion connection. The service life of an auxiliary electrode exceeds the recommended spark plug interval. Unlike similar structures, the new spark plug has a lower voltage requirement from the ignition system and the requirements does not rise in the course of operation; this differentiates it from standard spark plugs.

Higher average consecutive secondary pressures indicated

Δ - Increase of parameter
α - Distribution of parameter
Perfect ignition of the fuel mixture contributes to the balancing of the differences of the individual medium indicated pressures in the cylinders of the combustion engine and hence increases performance and reduces fuel consumption.

Specific consumption graph

Classic spark plug
Premium EVO spark plug
SMER [g/kW.h]
n [min-1]
Snížení měrné spotřeby o 2,5 - 3 % dle typu motoru.


BRISK Premium EVO spark plugs are suitable replacements for spark plugs with one, two, three and four outer electrodes, and also for tuning spark plugs of the BRISK Premium LGS series, among others.